Exchange, reco or new fuel injectors & injection pumps. Sales, service, spares. All fuel injections.

Thousands of fuel Pumps & injectors supplied with fitting instruction at a set price means you know the cost before replacing or servicing your fuel system. Also available to repair your own diesel fuel systems.

As well as having many years of experience in the motor repair trade, our workers are all certified and trained to make sure that we offer consistent & reliable Diesel fuel injection service,Wether you have a new or old vechile. We know Diesel and we know how to get you back on the road quickly and cost efficiently

Our Services related to Diesel fuel injection & Pumps

check motor oil maintainance
  • Diesel fuel pumps and injectors rebuilding
  • Diesel fuel pumps and injectors testing
  • Sales of New and Re conditioned Fuel Pumps
  • Repairs of any Diesel Fuel injectors & Pumps
  • Common rail and electronic diesel - no problem
  • All kind of Fuel injection parts
  • Restoraton of Old and obsolete components
  • Filtration
  • Glow Plugs
  • Fuel lines

For all makes and model of Cars, Trucks, Earthmoving & Marine.

Quality Exchange Fuel Components

car tyre repair maintainance

Our exchange components are calibrated to manufacturer's specifications to deliver maximum efficency for engine power, performance and economy. Replacing worn injectors and pumps reduces exhaust emissions - contributing to a cleaner environment and increased engine reliability.

Reliable Diesel's quality production capacity ensures our customers can purchase at a very low, competitive price.

Quotes are given on unseen components provided fair exchange conditions are adhered to. Relaible accets normal wear and tear.

Services Related to Auto Diagnostics

car tyre repair maintainance
  • Established Engine Condition before replacement of components
  • Onboard computer scanning & interpretation
  • Most type of fuel injection

Correct and or Diagnose condition such as

  • Hard starting
  • Smoke-White,Blue or Black
  • Poor performance
  • Knocking
  • overheating etc.